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Building Demolition – Asbestos Removal

A common building material between the 1940’s and late 1980’s, asbestos was widely used across Australia. It’s suggested that three-quarters of all properties built before 1995 have some asbestos within their confines.

There are two types of asbestos found in and around the home and businesses and these states are; friable (designated as Class A) and bonded (designated as Class B)

Friable is the ‘purer’ form of asbestos, in that it is not bonded to or mixed with any other substance. In this sense, it is far more dangerous than other varieties. It can be more readily released into the atmosphere.

Bonded asbestos, while still hazardous, does not pose as much of a risk as other types of asbestos. This form is bonded and embedded into material and dried and hardened into a sheet.

The asbestos  jobs that we are best known for doing are;

– removal of asbestos roofs and eaves
– removal of asbestos from residential dwellings
– removal of asbestos from demolition
– removal of asbestos floor tiles
– removal of asbestos concrete
– removal of asbestos contaminated soil
– inspection of possible asbestos containing materials
– collection of asbestos samples for analysis & testing
– provider of asbestos clearance certificates

To assure safe asbestos removal and avoid fibres lingering, we use the Asbestos Five Step Process for inspection, removal and disposal. Our process is simple yet effective and allows us to guarantee not only our personnels safety, but yours as well.

The Five Step Process is as follows


INSPECTION: If you have located asbestos containing materials in your home or unsure if you home contains asbestos, call us and one of our experienced personnel will come and perform an onsite inspection. During the inspection we may need to take samples of the materials and have them tested in a laboratory for confirmation and for analysis. Once the data is collected, we will then supply a no-obligation free quote for removal.

PREPARATION: If the results from the test samples comes back with a positive reading for asbestos and you are happy with our quote to remove the material/s, our experienced personnel will come onsite and begin preparing for removal. The first thing we do is isolate the work area. Once we have done this we then wet down the area to reduce the risk of spreading any airborne fibres. If the material is friable asbestos, air monitoring will be required and vacuums will be set up to eliminate the airborne fibres during removal.

REMOVAL: Once preparation is done, we then begin the removal process. The removal process is all hand tool dismantle and our personnel are experienced in doing this and they ensure that the material/s are removed intact. After the materials have been removed and placed in the isolation area, it is continually wet down to again reduce the risk of airborne fibres. The waste is double bagged in approved black tarp ready for disposal.

DECONTAMINATION: During the removal process, traces of asbestos can be left behind. Fibres of asbestos can be found in brick cavities, on internal stud framing, in carpet, etc. Our personnel use vacuums to remove any fibres that may be remaining and all surfaces are wiped down. We also clean all tools that we use before removing them from the contaminated site to ensure that no asbestos fibres are transported from one site to another.

DISPOSAL: The final step is the removal of the asbestos material from site. This is only done once the proper sealing methods have been completed and transport is secure. Once the transport vehicle leaves the site, it heads straight to an approved waste management facility where the contaminated material is disposed of properly.

Asbestos removal is a serious matter and is potentially lethal if not handled correctly. We can not express to you enough how important it is that you do not attempt to remove asbestos materials yourself. Our personnel have been extensively trained on the safe removal and disposal of asbestos and have years of experience doing so. All work that is completed by us is as per the OH&S requirements and within the Safe Removal of Asbestos Act 2011.

We make it our business to be leaders in the asbestos removal industry and can guarantee you quality work at an affordable price.

Call us today for an no-obligation, free inspection.

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