Here at Lammi Brothers, we have been moving homes all over Queensland since 1980. As a family owned and operated company, we take pride in the thousands of families we have helped obtain their dream of owning a classic Colonial or Queenslander they can call home for decades to come at a fraction of the price of building a new home!



With the cost of housing continuing to rise, affordability is becoming a real problem for many Australians.
Removal homes have long been one of the most cost effective ways of not only getting your foot into the property market,
but also making some great profits in real estate as well. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and doing a little bit of DIY,
than take a scroll through our lovely homes and make yourself a nice little profit!

The options are endless when restoring and renovating a removal home.


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Up Until the 2000’s, Asbestos was used in many aspects of both residential and commercial construction. With the well known health risks associated with this material, handling must now be done by certified personnel or you may face prosecution. Here at Lammi Brothers, we are both qualified and experienced to handle all aspects of Asbestos removal. If you need to have Asbestos removed or if you just require an inspection to know what you are dealing with, call us now.

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Raising & Restumping

If you love your Queenslander or Colonial home but just need a little more room for your growing family, one of the best options is the good old “up and under”! By Raising your home to a height high enough to add another story, you can double your living or storage area far more easily and affordably than having an extension built.

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Not all homes can be moved or saved. Sometimes the only answer is to demolish the old house. At Lammi Brothers, we believe in repurposing where possible to help the environment and limit our carbon footprint.
The last thing we want to see are these beautiful old homes end up as landfill. Where possible, all demolition work will be salvaging work, meaning anything that can be saved and repurposed will be! We are also experienced in defits and commercial demolition!

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